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Our Commitment to you

How you can look good and do good

If you had time to read the small print on your activewear labels, you probably wouldn’t feel too good about it. Activewear is one of the largest contributors to plastic waste and 85% of clothes go to landfill or are burned. With Earthletica, you’ll look good, and do good.

Reflection over perfection.

Perfection isn’t the name of the game. It's about honesty, consistency and a growth mindset. You’ll know where we’re at, where we’re going and all of the steps we’ll take to get there. We’re all a work in progress, constantly striving for better. 

Current state:

Activewear that’s proudly designed on Australian soil.

Our high-performance activewear is made up of either recycled or natural materials. 

Our t-shirts are made up of 100% natural materials that are synthetic-free.

A limited range of sizing (6-14) that caters to our budding community.

Future state:

High-performance activewear made up of 100% recycled materials.

A more inclusive range of sizing that accurately fits and caters to our growing community.

Highest quality, naturally.

You can expect recycled performance fabrics (currently this means fabrics that are a combination of mostly recycled, plus minimal virgin synthetics) or 100% natural fabrics in all of our clothes, all of the time. Count on organic cotton t-shirts and sleek tights made from the highest quality recycled materials.

A close up image of stitching and finishings on a pair of Earthletica activewear shorts

Turn retired outfits into recycled ones.

If after very extensive use, your activewear is no longer wearable, you can earn a tidy discount on future purchases when you donate old clothes to our recycling partner, Upparel. These waste-warriors turn unwanted textiles into all sorts of useful, quality products, increasing the lifecycle of all textiles and reducing landfill forever. 

Supply chain on demand.

Best practice is common sense. We all demand fair working conditions, a living wage, and products that don’t harm the planet, by default. Earthletica is Australian designed, and we only partner with manufacturers that can prove they’re working to the same high standards as we are when making your activewear.

Earthletica Founders Bronte Campbell and Libby Babet wearing the Crystal Waters Activewear Set and sitting on a wall together in front of the ocean

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